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The Relationships Developed at Strategic Wealth Endeavor with Giselle Cayme (Ep. 2)

The key to success when it comes to our finances is to build a good relationship.

At Strategic Wealth Endeavor, it’s about more than just listening. It’s about understanding. 

In this episode, Brett Henderson is joined with Giselle Cayme, Operations & Marketing Manager at Strategic Wealth Endeavor, to talk about how crucial it is to develop a relationship and what actions they take when they onboard a new client.

Brett and Giselle discuss:

  • The steps they follow when a potential client reaches the firm
  • How they build trust with them
  • The community they want to grow
  • The mantra (tagline) that symbolizes the modernization of the firm
  • And more!

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Learn About Brett Henderson and His Journey in the Financial World (Ep. 1)

Welcome to the first episode of The Veteran Entrepreneur Masterclass with Brett Henderson, ​​founder of Strategic Wealth Endeavor!

In this inaugural episode, you’ll get to know about Brett as he unveils his beginnings in the financial industry, his time in the Marine Corps and how his life experiences have led him to be the person he is today.

Brett discusses:

  • How he got into the financial industry
  • His reason for joining the Marine Corps
  • What Strategic Wealth Endeavor does for clients
  • Ways he is involved in the community
  • And more!


Connect with Brett Henderson: