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Getting Through Burnout with Dr. Denise Kruszewski (Part 2) (Ep. 9)

Our day-to-day routines can be hectic. This could be due to our jobs, businesses, families, or any combination.

And we tend to forget that we are also humans and should focus on ourselves to avoid collapsing.

In this episode, Brett Henderson continues the conversation with Dr. Denise Kruszewski, Ph.D., ABPP, to talk about how to combat burnout and build resilience in tough times.

Dr. Kruszewski discusses:

  • Her own experience going through burnout from a professional and personal experience and why it’s so hard to be aware of our own emotions
  • The importance of listening to our compassionate voice rather than our self-critical voice
  • The radical acceptance concept and how it applies to romantic, professional, and friendship relationships.
  • The most common burnout signs and what we can do to overcome these situations
  • And more!

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About our Guest: 

Dr. Denise Kruszewski founded the Center for Stress Recovery and Resilience (CSRR) to promote mindful, holistic, and effective responses to life’s challenges for individuals and organizations engaged in high-intensity, high-impact personal and professional endeavors. The clinicians at CSRR specialize in gold standard treatments and programs for trauma, sleep, anxiety, substance abuse, and mindfulness.

The mission and approach used at CSRR is inspired by the experience “Dr. K” gained as the embedded civilian psychologist at the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) from 2012-2017. At MARSOC, Dr. K developed rare expertise in providing evidence-based treatments for trauma, stress, anxiety, and sleep to special operations Marines, sailors, and their families. Along with other embedded assets, she crafted programs enhancing mental and physical performance in professional and personal endeavors for Service Members and their families.

At the CSRR, Dr. K aims to use this expertise to assist individuals, families, and organizations dedicated to enhancing their performance while engaged in challenging personal and/or professional endeavors, such as military professionals, first responders, NGO’s, and caregivers of those with special needs. Additionally, Dr. K has recruited and is training mental health professionals who want to learn how best to deliver these services in a culturally-competent and effective manner.