A Conversation on Real Estate and Mindset with Jesse James Johnston (Ep. 7)

When you decide to take that huge step to buy or sell a home, you want advice from someone who has gone the extra mile and knows the business.

Especially in times of high-interest rates and affordability issues

In this episode, Brett Henderson is joined by Jesse James Johnston to discuss the current real estate market and the importance of having the right mindset when it comes to achieving our goals.

Jesse discusses:

  • His experiences from being enlisted in the Marines
  • Why he decided to leave the service after eight years in the reserve
  • How he got involved in the real estate world 
  • The importance of having a positive mindset for success
  • The current situation in the real estate market
  • Details and benefits regarding VA Loans 
  • And more

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About our Guest: 

Jesse James Johnston is a second-generation native Californian who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. After attending twelve years at St. Genevieve School he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served for eight years in the reserves. As an Airborne Radio Operator for 3 rd Anglico Jesse learned great communication skills and attention to detail. During his enlistment he was also employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District assisting, educating and modifying behavior for children with Autism. 10 years later and hungry for new challenges he decided to get his Real Estate License. Jesse has a plethora of knowledge regarding human behavior and by incorporating his patience, discipline, and knowledge of real estate, he has well prepared himself with the skills necessary to serve you. He has even driven to San Luis Obispo, painted homes and personally hauled furniture for his clients.